English · 2018/04/22
Ducati Build Story | Part 3. This time we work on adapting the front fairing and also fit the single seat we built last time. Besides that, work also began on the electronics and wiring. To incorporate the 'Modern Classic' style on all ends of the bike, we found a distinct front fairing with Moto Guzzi Le Mans resemblance, that was shaped to fit right in.

English · 2018/04/15
Ducati Build Story | Part 2. Let's dive right in to the first major modifications and fabrication tasks! It all started with the rear frame. It was tightend, shortend and simplified to achieve a slim look. We cut the lower tube and made a new connection to the upper one by welding in a bend and a new, inclining section. Then connected both sides with a single, slightly curved, back tube, creating sharper than usual corner radii.

English · 2018/04/07
Today I want to start a build story on the Ducati 750SS. This will be a multiple part series to go in depth and give you a good look at what we did and how it all came together. Get behind the scenes and into the workshop with us!

English · 2018/03/31
Hi guys! This time we got to build a bike for a customer with a special profession. He had a pretty nice 1978 Kawasaki Z650 and did some basic modifications on his own. We then got the chance to help him out to finish the build. We created a concept for a retro brat style bike with some modern parts added while keeping the original patina of the gas tank.

English · 2018/03/24
Today I want to give you some insight on how our GS 550 came to life. The bike is a complete custom brat style build. The idea here is building a motorcycle for a relaxed ride on your local back roads. Almost a cruiser to put in effortless miles on a perfect Sunday. We installed new fenders, handlebars, bigger brakes plus a hand built seat with fabricated seat hoop. The bike is fully road-legal in Germany

English · 2018/02/16
We want to share with you all that we do and create a source of inspiration and knowledge to each reader, viewer, follower and custom bike lover. Particularly one of our next projects and probably the most exiting jet very demanding builds will be covered in great detail. I will provide you with insights in every step and explain all the things that go into creating one of these fascinating machines.