Honda CB500 Cafe Racer - Fabrication

Build Story | Part 1

Dear readers,


it's about time to have a closer look at our Honda CB500 and show you guys how she became the beautiful Cafe Racer she is now!


We received the bike almost completely disassembled, not even a fuel tap or a chain came with it. But on the other hand, the bike was mechanically fine after we put it back together in order to start working on it. We envisioned the CB500 to be a classic racer with all traditional cafe racer style elements such as a low and slightly forward stance, distinct straight lines, clip-ons and a classic seat cowl. Upgraded brakes for a better bite and functional tires for better road use were planned as well. 

We decided to keep the 4-into-1 exhaust and the backwards relocation of the footrest system was also a good idea, bearing in mind the low and forward riding position we were aiming for. Moreover, we changed a lot on the bike and had to make a lot of custom parts and fabrications. First of all, the ancient front brake had to go for a newer double disc brake setup from a CB400N with more modern discs installed. This also includes different forks, triple trees and the installation of fork boots giving more optical weight to the front end.


On the rear end of the bike we have been very restricted with frame modifications. Only minor changes could be done in order to register the Honda in Switzerland afterwards. Anyway, we managed to clean out the frame triangle completely. After the whole frame was de-tabbed, we customized an aftermarket seat cowl to our liking, fit and length, plus made a nice little space for the tail light. We also lifted the back of the gas tank by an inch and aligned the seat to it, to create a perfectly straight and forward leaning lower tank line, which is a must have for any classic cafe motorcycle.

As we completely stripped the bike, we refurbished all worn parts and integrated the new electronic components. While we hid everything under the seat, the lightweight lithium-ion battery was located under the cowl. The wheels were laced with new stainless spokes and got black rims for a stronger entrance. The engine was repainted with all other black parts and the frame being powder coated with a matt finish.


In the second part I'll show you guys all the new parts and steps we take during assembly, until the bike is finished.


See you then! Cheers 




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