New CAD designed seat cowl for our prototype bike!

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our recently announced new custom bike project is well under way and progress was made. So it's time to give you guys a little insight with our first build blog on the prototype for our SevenFifty Limited Series. The first major part to be build is the seat cowl, which essentially defines the new looks of the bike.

As usual we started with a digital rendering in the initial stages. From there, we finalized the styling using CAD software (CATIA in our case). When designing the 3D model, we already think of how to fit the part to the bike, the molding and reproduction process and the seat details. Once finished, we printed actual size cross-sections and views from every angle.

  Finally we moved over into the workshop to build the new rear end. Using the sections to transfer the design, we slowly shaped the PU styling board blank. The utilized material is easy to work on and after finishing the master part, you can make a mold of it with a quite simple, but effective technique. But first it took some time till we were satisfied with the overall look on the bike and all the shapes and lines of the model piece. When done, we finally made the mold to later produce the first composite part. After curing the freshly created mold, everything was prepared to lay up the first seat cowl FRP part.

As always we used a combination of carbon/kevlar hybrid fabric and fibre glass. Once cured and removed from the mold, the next steps are trimming the part to fit the bike and the putting it in place with mounts and brackets. Here we often try to reuse the original seat lock for added user comfort and easy access to parts underneath. In the case of the Honda the lithium battery and most electrical components are stored under the seat cowl in two trays we fabricated. 

  Of cause a cushion is required, too. So we made another composite part as a seat pan, to then be upholstered. Both parts will later go to our local upholsterer together with a sketch and leather sample.

  Further modifications, we are already working on, include a new front end with brakes, fender, clip-ons, and headlight as well a forks, speedo and much more. We'll have photos out of the shop very soon, to show you the progress made. Regarding the front fork, let's just say: we needed to purchase a certain 'conversion stem' from the guys over at Cognito Moto. ;)


In the mean time you can follow our Honda SevenFifty Cafe Racer being made over on our Instagram account, particularly well. Peek right into the shop as we post story updates right there on the spot!


Upcoming in the blog we have frequent updates on our prototype bike and soon a special on our CB500.


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Honda CB SevenFifty | Cafe Racer | Limited Series 


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