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English · 2018/06/30
Build Story | Part 2. welcome back to our CB500 series. Today I'll show you the final assembly steps, many intricate details and which new components we selected. The devil's in the detail - and so are style, precision and charakter. So we put a lot of emphasis on getting every small bit just right. Soon enough the Honda CB500 Cafe Racer was completed and ready to be delivered to our thrilled customer, just in time for some spring riding.

English · 2018/06/24
Build Story | Part 1. Time to have a closer look at our Honda CB500 and show you guys how she became the beautiful Cafe Racer she is now! We received the bike almost completely disassembled, not even a fuel tap or a chain came with it. But on the other hand, the bike was mechanically fine after we put it back together in order to start working on it. We envisioned the CB500 to be a classic racer...

English · 2018/06/17
As usual we started with a digital rendering in the initial stages. From there, we finalized the styling using CAD software (CATIA in our case). When designing the 3D model, we already think of how to fit the part to the bike, the molding and reproduction process and the seat details.

English · 2018/05/20
This will be the first bike of a very limited production series of custom bikes. Here we want to involve our clients in the design and details of each bike, making it a unique fit to each one. Creating the bespoke motorcycle you are dreaming of. The prototype bike is our most exciting and sophisticated, jet very demanding, build ever. Above you can see a first teaser of the bike. Go ahead and imagine what this beast will look like! Not wanting to give away too much right now,...

English · 2018/05/15
Ducati Build Story | Part 6. We are back with the last issue of this 'Ducati Build Story' series of blogs. The Kaspeed Moto 'Modern Cafe Racer'-Ducati got incredible feedback from everyone. A particularly big impact had the article on In the cafe racer journal known around the globe, we actually did show our build for the first time ever - exclusively to the audience. To read the full article you can follow this link to Pipeburn or click the logo below.

English · 2018/05/06
Ducati Build Story | Part 5. After finishing the Ducati 750SS 'Modern Cafe Racer', the presentation weekend was soon to come. But before that, we still had to prepare a lot of furniture and other kit for our booth. Two platforms and a desk were build from scratch, we organised racks, lights, decoration and a folding pop up tent. Then it was time to pack up, put the bikes on a trailer and head south to Leonberg near Stuttgart.

English · 2018/04/29
Ducati Build Story | Part 4. Now it's finally time for a new layer of paint! The frame got it's original color and the engine received a metallic charcoal grey. For the bodywork it obviously had to be a red shade for our Ducati. We wanted to keep the paint scheme simple to let the shapes speak. The paint is finished in Rosso Fuoco (fire-red) which is a sophisticated three-layer paint from Ferrari.

English · 2018/04/22
Ducati Build Story | Part 3. This time we work on adapting the front fairing and also fit the single seat we built last time. Besides that, work also began on the electronics and wiring. To incorporate the 'Modern Classic' style on all ends of the bike, we found a distinct front fairing with Moto Guzzi Le Mans resemblance, that was shaped to fit right in.

English · 2018/04/15
Ducati Build Story | Part 2. Let's dive right in to the first major modifications and fabrication tasks! It all started with the rear frame. It was tightend, shortend and simplified to achieve a slim look. We cut the lower tube and made a new connection to the upper one by welding in a bend and a new, inclining section. Then connected both sides with a single, slightly curved, back tube, creating sharper than usual corner radii.

English · 2018/04/07
Today I want to start a build story on the Ducati 750SS. This will be a multiple part series to go in depth and give you a good look at what we did and how it all came together. Get behind the scenes and into the workshop with us!

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