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Deutsch · 2018/06/24
Umbau-Story | Teil 1. In unser Konzept für dieses Motorrad flossen dann alle traditionellen Cafe Racer - Elemente ein: Stummellenker, eine Sitzbank mit rundem Höcker, gerade Linien und eine sportliche Neigung nach vorn. Wir planten außerdem aufgewertete Bremsen mit mehr Biss und funktionale Reifen für eine perfekte Straßenlage ein – beides unerlässlich für einen flinken Sportler.

English · 2018/06/24
Build Story | Part 1. Time to have a closer look at our Honda CB500 and show you guys how she became the beautiful Cafe Racer she is now! We received the bike almost completely disassembled, not even a fuel tap or a chain came with it. But on the other hand, the bike was mechanically fine after we put it back together in order to start working on it. We envisioned the CB500 to be a classic racer...

English · 2018/06/17
As usual we started with a digital rendering in the initial stages. From there, we finalized the styling using CAD software (CATIA in our case). When designing the 3D model, we already think of how to fit the part to the bike, the molding and reproduction process and the seat details.