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First and foremost I want to express a warm welcome to everyone reading this blog and following our journey with Kaspeed Moto!


We want to share with you all that we do and create a source of inspiration and knowledge to each reader, viewer, follower and custom bike lover. Whether it's making you want to learn to ride a motorcycle, helping you build your own bike or showing you our craft, ideas and experiences.


I will go more in depth on who we are and what we do in further postings. Introducing the people behind this and opening up the shop doors. 

For a short introduction let's just say we are Kaspeed Custom Motorcycles from Germany, a project of a father and his two sons that have pure gasoline in their veins. Our father, named Karsten, is the mastermind of Kaspeed-Moto and his two sons are both highly skilled professionals: one has a degree in mechanical engineering, the other is a technical modeller in the automotive industry.


Together we share the love for motorcycles and with our set of skills we work on all sorts of aspects that are involved in building custom motorcycles like: 3D computer design, machine operation, custom engineering and servicing tasks.


Our aim is to build unique, fascinating bikes and rewarding riding experiences that are affordable too.

In this very space we are determined to write regular updates on bike builds. I will show you some of our creations and how they came into existence over the next few postings. Tell you more about me and the team. Explain the crafts and techniques we use and also show you what we offer to our customers.


Particularly one of our next projects and probably the most exiting, jet very demanding build will be covered in great detail. I will provide you with insights in every step and explain all the things that go into creating one of these fascinating machines. 


Bye for now! Cheers 




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